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It’s no exaggeration to say that relearning the piano as an adult has changed my life, and having Judy Greene as my teacher is pure joy. She always finds the absolutely right way to approach a problem without being dogmatic about it. Judy has infinite patience, a great sense of humor, and she’s also tremendously knowledgeable. I even love to practice!

Gloria K.


I studied piano for many years as a child. With some trepidation, I decided to start lessons again in my 50's.  I was so lucky to find Judy. She is the best teacher I have ever had, and I have studied at some excellent schools, including Mannes College of Music.  Judy is "uber" knowledgeable, extremely clear and thorough, kind and patient. She works out the music with you--she doesn't dictate how it should to be played. She leaves room for your own expression and understanding to happen.
Piano lessons are my escape from work/stress, and while I am definitely saturated with information and hard work on both our parts after a class with Judy, I feel so satisfied that I took a step deeper in my musical education and appreciation.

I couldn't recommend a teacher more highly.

Stephany H.



She's the best teacher I ever had!
Trudy P.



Although I am a busy student with little extra time, Judy manages to help me use my practice time wisely.  Lessons are fun for me, even when I have lots of homework and can't fit in much else, but I love to play the piano!
Sara R.


July 25, 2024

Judy Greene is a piano teacher in Upper West Side Manhattan, who has over 30 years experience bringing back the joy of piano lessons.


"Having Judy Greene as my teacher is pure joy."

"She leaves room for your own expression and understanding to happen."

"She's the best teacher I ever had!"

"Judy helps me to use my practice time wisely."

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